Naruto Shippuden Dreamers Fight Part One By Thousand Pounds Action Company

Maestro, cue the music. With a deep echo, resembling Don Lafontaine‘s voice (Rest in Peace), the announcement goes something like this:

In a world where Hollywood Execs have the power to eviscerate video-games to movie adaptations. Nobody dares to boycott one of their horrible productions. One Company decided it was enough! During all their camera tests they prove themselves mighty, worthy and above all loyal. With these characteristics, they proceed to render their visions of what these adaptations should be. With each film they are able to restore hope in every fan’s heart. And their numbers increase with every release.

Watch out Hollywood! They are coming.

And that was definitively a bit over-dramatic. Specially if you read that bit listening to that music. I know, I am very silly. It’s not that I have anything against Hollywood. And yes, some of their game to movie adaptations are horrible but they often prove to be entertaining in the company of friends. Let me present you Thousand Pounds latest Fan Film: Naruto Shippuden Dreamers Fight Part One.

I am out of words (most of them are way too expletive and colorful to post) to describe how awesome this video is. Even if you are not a Naruto or anime fan, check out how epic the fight scenes and the attention to detail. Seriously, look at it! I want to congratulate all the members of Thousand Pounds Action Company. This is the kind of productions that we fans want to see on the big screen when they announce a Street Fighter, Tekken, or any other movie based on a videogame, anime, or comics. If someone out there is reading, SPREAD THE WORD. These guys should be doing Big-Budget Studio Films. 

Call me a fanboy but I want a picture or poster signed by the Thousand Pounds crew. Check out their website, Twitter, Youtube Channel and Facebook page for their new upcoming projects.

Naruto Shippuden Dreamers Fight by Thousand Pounds Action Company


The story takes place after the Pain saga with Naruto becoming the acknowledged village hero he’s always sought out to be. Seeing Naruto become steps closer to his dream, Rock lee decides he too, must continue to grow and push his training even harder. Feeling unfulfilled in his regiment, Lee decides to challenge Naruto to a no holds barred duel in hopes to reignite his passion to become the best ninja he can be. Naruto accepts the challenge from his close friend and with this the fight is set! Will Naruto’s constant growth and Nine Tailed Fox spirit overwhelm the hardworking, hand-to-hand fighter? Or will Lee again, push his body to the limits to become the more powerful opponent?

 Starring: Donald Mills & Brendon Huor

Written, Shot, Edited & Directed By: Christopher C. Cowan

Stunt Coordination & Choreography: James Young

Additional Choreography: David Bauer

Assistant Director, Japanese Script, Voice of Naruto – Haile Mahmoud

Fight Supervisors: Vonzell Carter & Darren Bailey

Naruto Clones: Seth Austin & James Young

2nd Camera Operator: Stephen Murray

Produced By: Ray Martinez & Christopher C. Cowan

Make-Up Artist: Rose Lopez banner


  1. love every movie they make.Would love to see a movie of naruto made by them.

  2. Thanks for posting this, all Naruto Movies and video games are interesting. To have developers constantly challenged to make updates is definitely something to respect.

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