Capcom’s Bait And Switch In Resident Evil Revelations Trailer

This is something that I think is hilarious. Kotaku released a leaked trailer from Resident Evil: Revelations. In this trailer you were met with a busty and possibly blind blonde girl. When I say “possibly blind” I don’t mean it literally. Her hair is in the way and that thing is harder than Pauly D’s hair(from The Jersey Shore). It just wont move! Here’s Rachel:

Rachel's Ridiculous Hair


As you can see from the trailer, a girl is presented to the audience inside a boat. She is not cold, even though the ship is cruising during the night, she is not cold. On the contrary, she is way too hot. She needs to expose her breasts. Then this phrase pops up:

“There One Woman Will See Untold Horrors”

She sees a monster and tries to shoot it. All her shots missed. No surprise there, her hair is in the way. Screen fades to black.

According to Kotaku, fans complained about this character’s stupidity and how they didn’t like her. Well, in a “surprise event”, Capcom decided to release the whole trailer. My apologies because I can’t embed the trailer directly here and if I try to upload it to KO’s Youtube Channel , Capcom will take it down. You will have to watch “the horror” here.

This switch and bail was pretty clever from Capcom. As for Rachel? She is not dead, she will come after you. Hopefully something cooler comes out of that hair. banner

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