DC Universe Is Going Free To Play


DC-Universe-FreeYES! This is absolutely the right move for SOE. DC Universe going free to play means that a lot of new blood will see its potential. This game is one of the best Superhero MMOs out there. And being backed up by DC Comics just add to the awesomeness. I have played on release both City of Heroes and Villains, Champions Online and DC Universe. Let me tell you, my best experience came from DC Universe. Granted, CoH made a huge impact on Superhero games and Champions Online pushed the graphics and gameplay. DC Universe however made the right play element choices. The game feels very arcade and the PvP is fast and furious (no pun intended). Is the game balanced? No. Is the game “grindy”? Yes. Don’t be surprised, it’s an MMO after all.

In my opinion, SOE needed to release DC Universe as a free to play product since day one. It was brought to my attention that this was the plan since the beginning but during development it was changed. Don’t know what to say or think about this. I own the PC and the PS3 version of the game. Both platforms can’t interact in the game world. Do you seriously expect me to get two subs? Now, take the PS3 market. How many kids have seen this game, want to play it but can’t because they don’t have the money? Champions Online have enjoyed great success with their new F2P format. The guys running CoH had to respond and adapt to the new market. DC Universe F2P is the best idea and the right path for this game. I just can’t shut up. Too much excitement!

Now for the bad part. The community can take quite a hit. Having kids, immature adults, and internet trolls will not help this game. However, what online game does not suffer from this already? Yes, DC Universe has a lot of things that they need to fix but I have decided to focus on the good points on moving to a F2P model. This can be a good change. More on this as soon as it goes live and I get to play it once again.

When this game was released I wrote The DC Universe 101 small guide and posted some videos. You should take a look at the guide if you want to refresh a few things about the games. The CG trailers are very good! Just take a look at the Second Blur Story Trailer.

(Update: I remembered that I wrote about my experience with the game during the first 10 levels of the game. This is how I ended that post: Biggest question right now is how Champion Online’s new business model (Free To Play) will affect the PC version of DC Universe Online and how well will a subscription based game do in the console market. This was very predictable. Check out My First 10 Levels with DC Universe and The Battle of the Comic-Book MMOs: Enter DC Universe Online)


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