Blade & Soul: Closed Beta Videos

I have blogged a bit about Blade & Soul. Correction, I have posted a lot of videos about Blade & Soul. To keep the tradition strong I have more Blade & Soul Closed Beta Videos. Awesome right? The first video shows flying in the game. By looking at the animation and hearing the background music, it truly feels like an epic Martial Arts film. What I thought was a mini game (like the missions you find in DC Universe) is in fact a traveling method. You can glide and control the speed at which you are moving in the air. There are some set points on the ground that will lift you and take you higher and land on a predetermined spot. Can you imagine how beautiful running away from another player this can be? Annoying probably but beautiful.


The next video shows the character customization. Just like real life, all girls are really hot and have no problems getting physical while wearing heels or a skirt. The art style is very “Korean” looking. Definitely gave me an Aion vibe. Nothing groundbreaking here.


The third and last video is very interesting. Like I have said before, new MMORPGs need to add more flavor to the story. As you visit town, you are about to enter a building when a fight breaks loose. It’s not any fight. A lady is pulls a gun in a very “straight out of Wanted” fashion and starts shooting another girl. Keep in mind, both girls are very, very fashionable and have enormous bosoms that provide the much-needed balance to perform these action scenes. In all seriousness, I love watching these CG scenes with voice acting. It adds up the necessary flavor for this time and age in MMOs. I don’t want to ruin the video so I will shut up. Interesting, how do I actually “shut up” if I am just writing?


The game looks to be shaping up nicely. But as we all know, in the MMORPG Universe decisions are sometimes made in a rush and improbably large breasts that defy physics will always prevail. On that note, please remember that the KalibreOnline Youtube Channel is up and running. Be nice, subscribe banner

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