Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

Deus Ex: Human Evolution ReviewDeus Ex: Human Revolution
is a fantastically well-worked game that will have you thinking “jeez did I just do the right thing” constantly. You make grayer and grayer decisions while you progress through this beautiful game. The choice system can seriously influence many different ways the game can go and can make things easier or harder for you. The fire-fight gameplay is a tense onslaught of bullets and shrapnel as you take cover from both and shoot an arsenal of creative and awesome weapons that can be augmented. There are different kinds of upgrades, from simple to explosive damaging ones. The cover system is one done right because not only does it shield you from gunfire, but also from sight for those “nutsy” stealth lovers. The augment system is jarring in choices, since there are so many to choose from, but these can feel a bit limited. Sure, there are tons to choose from, but they only centralize around two play styles and those are stealth and shooter. Another bone to pick: The difficulty curve. It comes with three different difficulties that stem from easy, medium, and hard but the difficulty is inconsistent. The story missions are reasonable but the boss fights are extremely hard and if you consider the players that took the stealth approach, the difficulty shoots up incredibly.

The storyline is one of the shining jewels in the Deus’ crown. It’s enticing, has kept me up for hours just begging to know more about the world of augmentation and how deeply the conspiracy goes. It takes place in a cyberpunk world where it’s being ripped apart by human purist that thinks that the work of David Sarif, your boss and augmentation guru, is playing God. There are the augmented humans who believe that their work is only part of human nature to push themselves beyond the limits. Your name is Adam Jenson, a Sarif Industries security guard, that was recently augmented against his will and sent all around the globe to stop the terrorists plaguing your company. As the game progresses you’ll discover more about the shady things your company has been delving in and you must decide what to do.

Deus Ex: Human Evolution Review

The Deus Ex world is painted in the very shady colors that really bring out the mood in the place. From the underbelly of China to the bright beautiful upper city streets. To the untrained eye some may think that the color scheme is bland and it’s the same everywhere. To those that do, you are missing the big picture. The level designers assented the Renaissance theme the game was going for. Throughout the game you will find that the time period is exactly the same as it was back when science took a huge leap toward the future. The Deus Ex universe is sprinkled with Renaissance references, such as the beautiful color scheme, to the way the main characters dress. The game design was really well done.

Deus Ex: Human Evolution Review



Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a must have for all types of gamers, from the hardcore run and guns to the patient stealth players who enjoy a good story. The gameplay is solid, but it’s inconsistent and sometimes repetitive. The art style is beautiful and refreshing from typical shooters, and the story will constantly keep you running back for more. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is great addition to any gamers library. banner


  1. Did you play the first Deus Ex? I agree with the boss fights. Either too easy or too difficult.

  2. The Shadow Man /

    Yes I did. I really enjoyed it and the prequel does explain the world quite thoroughly.

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    Hi, this is a great post!

  4. The Shadow Man /

    Thanks for the support. share the website with your friends and visit often my next review will be soon

  5. So I was the only one that didn’t like the game?

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