This Night: The Line Between Tough And Stupid

Put on, Young Jeezy’s ‘Put On’. Peel-out from FIU. FAST-FORWARD between 70-80mph on the 874 -couldn’t help feel annoyed with MGMT’s Electric feel as i used my left hand to shield my face from the ice-pick drizzle as they sang ‘do what you feel…’- continuing on, slammed with a torrent; a wall of rain. I was engulfed with the jets and streams from the vehicles ahead. Soaked and body temperature plummeting, the cold finding its way, pooling in my boots. I was not warmed by RJ2D’s ‘Iced Lighting‘, violently shaking all the way to Exit 11. System of a Down’s Chop Suey reminds me of ‘my self-righteous suicide’ and that ‘I cry when angels deserve to die’, turn left US 1. Daft Punk’s Aerodynamic does not comfort me as it chimes in with Cemetery bells, right turn 216th ST, though the Synthesized electric guitar solo does seem to lighten the rain back to a drizzle all the way home. I park in the terrace and as I lift out the key, Sum 41 gives me a Fat Lip and what feels like mocking irony when I enter my house and i hear ‘I’ll never fall in line, Become another victim of your conformity’


Close door. Lock. Disconnect headphones. Undress. [true story] banner

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