The Dark Knight Rises Leaked Video and Pictures

A few weeks ago, I posted a few leaked pictures of the new Man of Steel costume making a note that it was different from the traditional DC Comics look. What I forgot to mention was that several pictures were released as well for the upcoming Batman movie. The Dark Knight Rises is already undergoing a lot of critique, mainly because of the villains of the movie. It is amazing how easy people can forget the work of Nolan in the previous two movies.

To all the people who have shown so much resentment towards Nolan, give him a break. At least wait until the movie is released. I have a couple of things to show. The first one is the Official Dark Knight Rises Teaser that was released. None of that fake crap out there. I did saw one that was well done though.



The next video was fuel for those “movie trolls” out there. Here’s a description:

After Bane [Tom Hardy] blows up the football field [check my other video for the explosion scene] when 86 of the Gotham Rogues [Hines Ward] runs to make a touchdown after the kick off [this is what we were told was going on during filming] he comes out to address and strike fear in Gotham [us]. The raised part you see is whats suppose to be left of the football field. He comes out and pulls the microphone from the dead? ref on the ground outside the tunnel where he comes out with his thugs and someone has a prisoner. He also drags out some big crazy device that’s supposedly the means of our destruction….i’ll annotate what he says because honestly [and you can hear me and my friend laughing about it with the mask he had on, mixed with his accident, mixed with how he was doing the voice it sounded like an old man with a respirator on. Not sure if that has anything to do with Bane’s medical background and drug experiments



Last but not least, a gallery with all the leaked pictures. Any opinions on this?

 UPDATE: There is a rumor going that after this movie, Batman will have a reboot. WHAT?! banner

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    Bane creeps me out

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