Deus Ex: Visions Of The Future?

 I was listening to Deus Ex‘s soundtracks on Youtube when I stumbled upon this video. Rob Spence lost his eye and he replaced his prosthetic eye (aka Eyeborg) with a wireless video camera. A very interesting choice indeed. There’s a video game out there that features an individual named Adam Jensen and he is a mechanical augmented human. In this video Jensen tries to find out how close we are to the technology featured in Deus Ex. Do you think that we will have this kind of technology by 2027? Is Deus Ex showing us visions of the future? According to movies, we were suppose to have flying cars by now.

 (Update: Check out KalibreOnline’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review)

Check out Spence’s website and take a loot at the Eyeborg. banner

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