Ice T Presents First Unboxing Gears Of War 3 Video

Special thanks to Chris for sending me this video. The very lucky Ice T, got his hands on the beastly Gear’s Lancer, a copy of the new game and a spanking new Xbox 360 bundle. What a lucky dog! The best part is that he made a video to show the fans how awesome the game is. This is probably the First Unboxing Gears of War 3 Video. I will admit that I am jealous. My Xbox 360 is dead and I need to get a new one. Hey man, I can take off one extra 360 that you might have. Jokes aside, I am always happy to see celebrities showing love to games and gamers.




And what will Ice T do next?

Coco on The Beach
Ice T will be unboxing Coco, his wife, after his Gears of War Video.



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