Best Free To Play Game: Team Fortress 2

Yes, the Best Free To Play Game is not an MMORPG. The Best F2P Game is a Class Team Based First Person Shooter. This was not always the case. Team Fortress 2 was the subject of many, many delays and changes. Some people might hate Valve for that. I am not one of them. I remember playing Team Fortress when it was just a Quake Mod. Then the famous Team Fortress Classic, with better graphics and mechanics. If you are watching these videos just remember that there are different classes with peculiar skills. You can be a Spy and go Invisible (with a timer) and try to back-stab people or just go Medic and heal your fellow teammates. More on this later.

TF 2 offers different maps with different game modes: Arena, Capture the Flag, Control Point, King of The Hill, Payload, Territorial Control, among other specific modes. This game was released on the PC first and saw a release on the PS3 and Xbox 360 later on. I think this game is not intended or suited for consoles. You have been warned.

Valve is always improving this game with updates and movies that give each and every class their own flavor and personality. While many of you will be put off by the “cartoony” graphics and lack of realism, this game is truly fun. During your play, you will unlock achievements and items (in a typical Steam fashion). These items come in the flavor of new weapons, hats, surprise boxes, and a lot of gear. If you wish, you can buy whatever you want from the Valve Store but just remember, you can unlock everything with time (lots of it!). Now the twist, you can trade items that are not linked to achievements with other players. And just recently, the Steam Trading was announced allowing players to swap items across two other games: Portal 2 and Spiral Knights. More games to follow. This is the other beauty from Steam. Some games have additional pre-order (or buying) bonuses if you do it through the Steam Platform. There is a black market, on it you can trade items for real currency. I personally don’t know anything about this. Maybe someone out there can help me out?

In my opinion, this is a great game and everyone should try it. Just be warned, if you are looking for an MMO-Type of game, you are wasting your time with Team Fortress 2. However, you can give Global Agenda a try. A free to play Shooter MMO that offers team based combat in a “persistent world” thanks to the new update. But this is a story for another time.

For your enjoyment, I have embed all the class movies from the Team Fortress 2 Youtube Channel. They are HILARIOUS! So far my favorite classes are: Sniper, Pyro, Scout, Medic and Spy. In that order.










And here’s the usual Gallery with some sexy fan art. banner

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