Blade & Soul: Next GEN MMO or More Of The Same?

A long time ago, I posted some pictures and videos of a game called Blade & Soul. This is a new game that will be released by NCSoft, the same company that brought us Aion among other games. Before you turn away thinking that this is just another Korean grinder (which it might be) this game will offer a different combat system than traditional MMOs. While I try not to compare them too much, this game has a lot that screams Aion. Graphically that is. Another big difference is the westernization that this game is undergoing. Hopefully this mean they will offer less grind instead of characters with “rich” accents.

On this age, to me an MMO must have all quests voiced by their NPCs and at least have some kind of PvP system. With this “new” take on combat, how will PvP be handled? I was watching some videos and it look very confusing. Some attacks seemed way too strong as one hit would lower your hit points by 50%. I also don’t read or speak Korean. From the looks of the trailer, the game seems to rely on narration and story-enforced events, which is great. There’s one scene in particular, where the character is running very fast and I am wondering if this is some kind of traveling method or if it’s a quests (maybe tutorial?) that you need to complete in a small amount of time. It looked very good, reminding me of old kung-fu movies.

I must say, I am excited about this one.




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