DreamWorld: New Render Engine For Age of Conan

I have said it before and I will say it again: Age of Conan is a great game. It’s very sad that this is not the first time Funcom butchers the launch of a game. History shows that this studio likes to fail at launches only to come back and fix their games in a glorious way. Anarchy Online, one of the best Science Fiction games went through the same ordeal. Living in the past does no good so please let’s just continue.

This video will show you the new Engine that runs the game. Hopefully we will see an update like this in Anarchy Online (PLEASE!) and Secret World will just take advantage of it. The first time I tried to run the game after the update, it was a disaster. Here’s a tip: Click on the Options in your Launcher and select all the Resource Downloads. After it finished, the game looked amazing. If you have an old videocard, I suggest you click on the ” low or medium setting” and then take it from there. Hitting “High” could cause your old videocard to crash.


Make Sure the Resource Downloads Option are checked

Give the Unlimited Trial a chance and have fun in what is one of the best starting zones ever made. Granted, once you do it more than once it can certainly get boring. Make sure to read the tips, AoC offers one of the best combat system in any MMORPG.

Have Fun!

For those interested in a more uncensored version of the header picture, click here.

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