My First 10 Levels In DC Universe Online

I read about people reaching the max level in DC Universe Online after the second day they played. In my personal case, I just reached level 10. In my defense, I made multiple characters trying out the different powers. That and the fact I mostly play a couple of hours, two days a week. Yes, this game has multiple flaws but it’s very fun. It’s the ultimate online brawler. Make no mistake, this is not City of Heroes on Steroids, it is a different beast.

For those reading this, please excuse the lack of screenshots of my characters or adventures. Most of the time was spent playing the PS3 version of the game.

The World PvP in the game is pretty much meaningless. There’s really no reason to kill a player (asides from completing the PvP quest) and it ultimately ends up in “ganking” and “griefing” other players. The car comment I made in my “mini-review” (please excuse the horrible writing, I am working on fixing this trait) was incorrect. You can smash a cars until your heart is content.

One of my favorite things about this game is the voice-overs. These add so much flavor to the game. Right after I hit level 10, you can do Alerts. In this instance, I was in charge of attacking Brainiac’s Invasion with a group of players. Now, this could be the nature of the PS3 but nobody said anything in the group. The PS3 mechanics allow for some anti-social behaviour. This is nothing new in the MMO scene, and the content was fairly explanatory that I was able to join and finish my job. Was it fun? Yes!

I was not too fond of the travel powers. I still feel the lack of alternative travel powers hinders the game. However, after level 9 you can spend skill points on your travel ability. I love acrobatics! It leaves a bit to be desired in the beginning but now I feel quite the “ninja“. I have killed and avoided ambushes hiding in buildings and using my new “rocket glides“.

There was an incident in which I attached the PC version of this game to an old account. I wanted to change the address and country. In order to do that, SOE Customer Service needed to be contacted. I assumed the worst and to my surprise, all I had to do was answer a couple of questions and it was solved. I have to say, DC Universe is shaping up real good and if SOE can keep their promise of constant end-game content, this game can be a contender.

Biggest question right now is how Champion Online’s new business model (Free To Play) will affect the PC version of DC Universe Online and how well will a subscription based game do in the console market. Here’s a small collection of screenshots from all over the internet: banner



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