Based On A True Story


Everyone seemed to be under the same spell. But not her. They all saw paradise. The miles of golden sand and vast, blue oceanic expanse were in sharp, but perfect, contrast to the small, familiar feel of the island itself. But she wasn’t fooled. These Islanders were under the impression that they were free. Living the life. A slow, relaxed existence where minutes and hours seamlessly melted into months and years. The beer always stayed cold and the air was always salty. But she knew better. The island was by nature an insular place. The waters were teeming with exotic creatures happier than those they were surrounding. She fiddled with her keys and checked to see what time it was. It was then that she decided. She stepped outside, and took a look around. Empty. Quiet. There is no promise in isolation, she thought. She got inside her bright red four-wheeled rocket ship, turned on the ignition and never once looked at her rearview mirror.

Two AM was as good a time as any to head for home. banner

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