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The miners of the Copiapó gold and copper mine in Chile suffered a harsh, harrowing, and very well documented plight that captured the attention of the planet in a way few events this decade have. A global, collective sigh of relief was let out once the last of the thirty three men emerged, safe and sound, from their gold encrusted prison. To aid in their optical adjustment to natural light, after spending over two months in total darkness, Oakley made it a point to provide the miners with free pairs of strikingly fashionable and highly effective sunglasses. Industry statisticians estimate this gesture of goodwill netted Oakley about 41 million dollars in comparable free advertising.

Garnering much less media coverage is the A-Trak and CyHi Da Prynce collaboration “Ray Ban Vision”. Whether it earns Ray-Ban anything more than a few extra Google hits remains to be seen, but perhaps, conversely, it can help CyHi Da Prynce garner some much needed publicity. The man doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry! Bump this slithery banger a few times and you’ll wish Ray-Ban had beaten Oakley to the punch and sent out a crate of sunglasses and some subwoofers out there, granting the miners a truly triumphant return to fresh air, literally and otherwise.


(This was originally intended only for KalibreOnline. The author decided to post it on another website as well as a collaboration.)

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