And The World Shall Be Conquered By Me!

After reading Agamemnon post on SlightlyRelevant, I was convinced to get Civilization 5. You see, I may have played Civilization 1 but I honestly don’t remember. How can you say no to world domination? After pre-purchasing the game from Steam (there’s a lot of hate for Steam right now) I waited until 12:00 am to start playing. Because nothing can go my way, I needed to wait an additional ten hours to be able to play. Just when I thought I could play one extra hour.

I waited until my wife arrived to start playing -you know so she could take care of the baby while I played- and like a good husband I even served her dinner. Another problem, I forgot to unlock the content, so I had to wait more time. You can imagine the big “sigh” I let out.

Being a complete rookie (“noob” is a more correct term) I selected the easiest difficulty and started my game. The on screen help was exactly what I needed. Montezuma was slowly progressing. Washington offered an alliance that I quickly accepted. Later in the game he decided it was not worth his time. Little did he know that he was going to pay. The troops traveled very far and started a small city that was hated by others. My long journey was worth it, I was right next to Washington’s nation. It was war!

He fell and I took his Empire. After such gratification it felt time for me to save and stop. It was time for me to go to bed already. The next day I started a new game and selected Japan. It seems I favor military prowess and lack understanding of the rest of this game’s features. I can’t say what’s good or bad with this game because like I said before, I have not played other Civilization games.

As of right now I am on the second difficulty level and still using Japan. I am thinking on a Marathon game using another Civilization. The problem is that I suck at resuming previous games. My strategy is lost after so much time has passed by.

Since I have no idea how to take screenshots in this game – I am getting that stupid bug that won’t let me use paint – here’s a small gallery from other sites. Don’t forget the trailer, it’s pretty impressive. banner

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