Starcraft 2 Wants To Eat Your Hardware: Nasty Bug Melts Videocards

I was not going to post anything else about Starcraft 2 until the banner for the new column was ready but this needs attention. My eye caught a very interesting post by Chris from Game by Night regarding an issue with Stacraft 2 and videocards. It seems some users have reported problems, and with that I mean the destruction of their videocard, while playing the new RTS (Real Time Stratey) game. Guess what? It happened to yours truly.

I was just playing game  and after half hour I got a video error and there were artifacts all over my monitor. Lucky for me, it seems that there’s no damage yet. If you are having problems please try the following fix.

In the Documents folder you will find a Starcraft 2 subfolder. Click it and select the Variables text file and add the following line:


For the record I have an Nvidia 8800 GT. I know is a bit old but it has been very reliable. I will be testing the temporary fix and report later. banner

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