Everquest 2 Goes Free To Play: Meet Everquest 2 Extended

A few months ago, the senior producer of Everquest 2 announced that the game would never become Free to Play. Guess what? It just did. Way to look like a douche. Meet Everquest 2 Extended; this “new game” is trying to compete with others F2P games like Dungeons and Dragons Online. and Lords of the Rings, in order words Turbine.

What exactly is Everquest Extended?

“Extended provides access to premium subscription-quality content through free and optional paid membership levels. Powered by an all-new web-based download application, new and veteran players alike can experience all the excitement and depth of EQII’s content without a daunting installation or a massive download. Players can register within minutes, download the client to join other people in an epic journey, and launch into adventure in a fantastical online 3D world.Extended is the ultimate MMORPG experience. Excitement with every breath and adventure around every turn is now available for free “

This is great news to all those casuals out there -I include myself here- and offer options to players. I am not too excited the way SOE is doing it however. That’s a crazy rant for another moment.

Check out the rest of the FAQ here.

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