PS3 Eye Lives: Kung Fu Live Trailer

I am out of words to describe this trailer. For this reason I will just insert an excerpt from the Playstation Blog:

Kung-Fu LIVE is a unique fighting adventure that uses the PlayStation Eye camera and our patented Freemotion technology to create a totally new playing experience. With accurate tracking and background removal, you are scanned into the game where your actual punches and kicks become part of the gameplay. Super human powers boost your performance so you can jump flips without actually making them, do epic jump kicks, shoot lightning from your hands and so on. You can even slow down time, Matrix style, and kick your opponents’ butts in slow motion. Yet, no pre-acquired martial arts skills are needed, but it IS a fun form of exercise as well.

The style of the game is a mix between realism and cartoons and is inspired by the Kung-Fu comics of the 70’s and 80’s. The story of the game takes you (yes, literally YOU – stay tuned for more on how this is done..) on a journey spanning from the real modern world to an ancient realm and back. You will be fighting against advanced and reactive AI ranging from small to gigantic enemies. Simply flailing about is not a winning strategy in this game.

The idea looks interesting and I can tell the Eye for the PS3 needs more games. It will be a great addition to the PS3 Move. If the game sucks at least it will be a great full body workout. Kung Fu Live looks like an interesting idea, just watch the trailer for yourselves. banner

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