The F2P Executive Decision: Lords Of The Ring Online and Global Agenda

These news are a bit old but I failed to post them. For those that have no idea, Global Agenda will eliminate its subscription service known as AvA. Now everybody that buys the game can play the Conquest mode for free. They will use the same formula Guild Wars have used in the past: pay for expansions. Turbine, after resurrecting the Dungeons and Dragons Online franchise using a F2P (free to play) system with an item shop has decided to use the same model in LoTRO (Lords of the Rings Online).

Is this a bad thing? Absolutely not! This is a brilliant move that will let people try the game in their own pace. The articles I was reading on Massively really got me excited about both games.

Check out the Global Agenda and the Lord of The Rings articles that I am talking about.  The people running Allods should take a page from Turbine’s book and learn a few things about micro-transactions. And Sony should be embarrassed with that subscription model plus item shop they are running. I know companies need to make money but these are some rough times for everybody.

Just in case you are wondering from where I got the image, it was from bj666 a deviantart user. Pretty cool huh? banner

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