MLG 2010 WoW Winners: Loaded Black

Congratulations are in order to the MLG winners, Loaded Black (aka BB). When everybody thought RMP (Rogue, Mage, Priest) was archaic, here they come again and raise to the occasion. Is E-Sport embedded in Korean’s DNA?

coL.Red and FnaticMSI performed really good as well. As far as I know, there’s no drama (not yet) and sportsmanship was pretty good. Yes, I am aware of Woundman’s nerd raging but that’s completely understandable. I managed to snatch a couple of pictures from Fnatic, Complexity GamingHafu’s blog and Millies over at WoM. Reckful,Millies Snutz, Orange, Azael, Douja, Jigs and more people that I can name drop make an appearance. Make sure to check out all those blogs for the latest post MLG interviews, movies and articles.

The Fire Bodi shirts are hilarious. Who came up with the idea?

Loaded Black vs CompLexity Red (RMP vs RMP)

The last time I watched such an intense match was the time Orangemarmalade won that 2v1 match. This mirror match was one of the best ever, I have no words to describe it.

Please enjoy the gallery. It’s a lot easier than posting each picture. banner

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