iPhone 4 – Coming Soon!

It’s almost here.

As expected, Steve Jobs unveiled the next iPhone (just 4, not 4G) at the WWDC yesterday and showed off some of it’s sweet new features. Here are some of the more exciting ones:

Camera – It now has a 5-megapixel camera with flash, as well as a zoom feature. Also, the camera records videos in HD which is pretty sweet. The camera has been a long-time issue so it’s nice that they addressed it. They’ll also have an app for editing movies right on the phone. It’s five bucks but it looks nice.

Multitasking – Though the iPhone is a little behind on this compared to other smartphones, I’m still looking forward to it. It’s been annoying having to close and reopen apps when answering a text/call.

Retina Display – Apple says this is a new feature, but it’s just their way of saying the screen is gonna look a lot better. The resolution is going to be higher so, you know, that’s good.

FaceTime – This is Applespeak for video chat. While it’s kinda lame that you can only do it with other iPhone 4s and it has to be on Wi-Fi, just the idea of video chat is exciting. Hopefully they can set it up soon so that it can be done on 3G, but for the time being I can’t wait to try it out.

Other Stuff – There’s gonna be a Netflix app that allows you to watch movies on your phone (sick!), you can change the wallpaper on the background, you can set up folders and organize your apps, unified e-mail, and farmville (I know most of you are excited about this).

The new design looks sweet (it’s the same one gizmodo had) and like the leaked pictures showed, theres gonna be a black one and white one. The 16GB one is 200$ and the 32GB is 300$ (I’m thinking white 32GB for me). You can preorder it this Monday and pick it up the 24th.

Check out the video!

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  1. bilingue /

    I will admit it looks good. BUT!!!! I can’t wait until Droid Xtreme is released or N8 for that matter.

  2. Im still happy with my NEXUS ONE…… wouldnt trade it for an iPhone 4 or 5….

  3. bilingue /

    You have the 2.2 Android update yet?

  4. bizarroAndres /

    Can we keep the discussion to the topic at hand, please? Thanks

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