New iPhone 4G Pictures, AT&T to suck more

I realize some of you may be starting to get sick of the iPhone posts. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning. These are rumors and leaks, we haven’t even started with official news from Apple yet! If the rumors are true though, I should be getting the phone soon and I’ll be too busy playing with it to be posting about it here.

Today we have a couple more leaked white iPhone 4G pictures. Though not new or different from anything than what we’ve seen, they still looked pretty cool.

In a bit of related news, At&t has announced it will end its Unlimited Date plan for smart phones. Going forward they will have a 200MB plan for 15$ and a 2GB plan for 25$ (it was 30$ for the unlimited plan). Looking through recent months, my average usage falls around 5GB!

This is only for new customers, so I’m OK for the time being. Don’t know if this will be a problem when I get the new iPhone, but regardless this isn’t good for anyone. At&t says 98% of their customers use less than 2GB a month anyway, but whenever you are being limited it sucks. banner

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