New iPhone Rumors

A new rumor about the upcoming iPhone says At&t has told its employees that the new phone will be released in June, not July, and probably earlier in the month rather than later. This is great news for people (like me) who don’t want to wait! Apple should be making the official announcement next week.

For the time being, watch this fan-made commercial for the next iPhone. The phone doesn’t look like the ones that have leaked out, but the video is still pretty cool and well made. banner


  1. bilingue /

    The video conference pisses me off.

  2. bilingue /

    This is a better phone …

  3. bilingue /

    Here’s another awesome phone too.

  4. bizarroAndres /

    The N8 does look like it will be a sweet phone, but that droid commercial is lame. bilingue, don’t be spiteful just cause you don’t have an iPhone.

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