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Noted international scholars bilingue and bizarroAndres have done a masterful job forcing the finer points of gaming, technology and cinema down your collective gullets. And while their delicate prose has bestowed untold amounts of wisdom onto you (at no charge, mind you), some of the more astute readers among you may feel something is missing.

Humor me for a second and try to picture the following scenario. Imagine you’re playing Pokemon Gold on your sweet Gameboy Color, totally doing what the theme song suggests and catching them all. Then you decide to load up Encino Man (on Blu-Ray) on your handy portable DVD player. I hate to break it to you, but the girl in front of you at the K-Mart Lay-Away line isn’t exactly impressed. At least not yet. She hears something emanating from your headphones, and it piques her interest. Something awesome. Something that isn’t Justin Beiber. No, not this.

Suddenly, you have an avenue to begin a conversation. And in a bit of poorly-written transitional material, we arrive here: In this section, we’ll feature music of interest and quality, both new and old, as well as bits of noteworthy music news and things of that ilk. There won’t be any dancing sentient gummi bears. You’ll dig your new musical discoveries so much, that it won’t matter to you that the girl in the line just turned thirteen.

Here’s something to cheer you up, creep. You’re welcome.

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  1. bizarroAndres /

    that video is pretty sweet. that Odessa video is kinda cool too

  2. Mundaynl /

    Hey, Wade! I want to hear more! And read more, of course.

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