Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

I don’t know when exactly  I stopped liking the Super Mario games, maybe after Super Mario RPG (that game was awesome), but it does not mean the game is bad. Joystiq posted their own review a few hours ago.

The improvement upon the original SMG starts with doing away with part of it. Gone is the unnecessarily complex hub level, replaced by “Starship Mario,” a small planetoid in the likeness of Mario’s head. Starship Mario serves as a training ground, an opportunity to pick up extra lives and other items, and the means by which players progress along the game’s revamped world map — or, should I say, galaxy map. The map offers a much more concise way of seeing the challenges available in the various galaxies than did the first game’s sprawling HQ; and other to-dos, such as keeping track of the 240-plus Power Stars to collect, have been further simplified into a sort of “checklist.”

The map also does a good job of clearly differentiating between the “main” galaxies and those designed for more skilled players, placing them on separate branches along its path. In general, I found that SMG2 is a considerably more challenging game than the original — as Nintendo promised– but never did I want to hurl my Wiimote and walk away.

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If  they have not convinced you about getting the game, here’s another attempt: banner

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