Street Fighter: Legacy

Hollywood’s death grip on video games is something well known. The Street Fighter franchise is not a stranger to the constant rape of movie executives. After watching the “amazing” (I am being sarcastic here) Legend of Chun-Li, I started to really appreciate the old Street Fighter Movie.

Why you ask? Well, at least in the original movie, characters tried to portray their personalities a bit more “like the game”. It’s true the movie sucked but I felt better about Raul Julia. Before I continue I would like to thank Ryugan for some of the links. Movie executives everywhere, I present you how to properly portray a Street Fighter Movie to the big screen:

Raul Julia and Jean Claude Van Damme

Street Fighter Legacy.

After watching these videos, my faith in a good, decent Street Fighter Movie has been renewed. Capcom what are you waiting for? Can you please sign up these people for at least some “Webisodes”?



Now, let’s talk about Chun-li. Real life Chun-li anyone?



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  1. Who is the first woman of the “real life Chun-Li’s?” I recognize the second as Natalia Inoue.

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