iPad To Run World Of Warcraft?

Before we get our pants wet, this could easily be a “photoshoped” image but let’s give David Perry, the benefit of the doubt. After all he was part of the great Earthworm Jim game. At least it was great for me. Quick intermission before I get a few messages and texts. Yes, the images are all messed up. Just give me a couple more days to fix everything. I am doing the editing myself and there are more than 400 entries in total.

Back to WoW on the iPad, well it seems users will be able to play the game using the Gaikai service in their browser. So what is this exactly?

“Gaikai is a revolutionary new technology that lets you play any game online in your browser. In the age of the cloud, when all your documents, email, photos and videos are instantly reachable online, it seems archaic that you still need to install gigabytes of game files on an expensive PC with an even more expensive video card. And even then you can only play from that specific computer!

Gaikai takes a radical new approach – we host the games, we run them, we worry about hardware and software updates, and we stream them to you. Full resolution, full speed, stereo sound, low lag, no compromise. The only thing you need is a browser and an internet connection.

We call this Streaming Worlds, taking the full richness of modern computer games to anyone, anywhere, anytime.”

Real or Fake?

That description is straight from their website. I will reserve my judgement on this because frankly I need to see it to believe it. There will be 2 other more services competing with Gaikai: OTOY and Onlive. Let’s imagine all these 3 companies actually make this work. This is good. Too good to be true. More competitors means better prices and customers are the real winners.

Now will this be more of a novelty for gamers? I can image users clicking some of the abilities but is just not practical to play on that thing. Maybe with an iPad addon? I guess is still not the right time to buy an iPad for me.

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