World of Warcraft: Sexy Cooldown

I have never used this addon before. It was installed in my computer because it was part of a UI compilation I wanted to use. Now, this is one of those addons that I feel should be included in the game. It’s very easy to use and provides an easy “scan” when you want to keep an eye on your cooldowns. This was saved in my drafts for quite a while, WoW dot com wrote a very good guide for the addon.

What is SexyCooldown?

SexyCooldown is a DoT, ability, trinket, item, internal cooldown, and debuff timer that is not set up for any one class — everyone can use SexyCooldown in their own way. The addon is set up in such a way that icons for spells cast or debuffs on a targeted enemy or focus travel down the bar as their seconds dwindle. Abilities that are in no danger of falling off or have a good long while before they are ready to be used again move slowly down the bar. Abilities that have shorter times until they drop move faster down the bar to alert you. The real strength of SexyCooldown is that you can do all of this on as many bars as you want, placed all over the screen wherever certain cooldowns are needed to be seen. Plus, the addon was created by Antiarc, so you know it’s going to be suave.

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