Hot Tub, Dragon, and Greenberg

If you can’t already tell by the name, Hot Tub Time Machine is a pretty stupid movie. With that being said though, it’s still pretty funny. You have to ignore the dumb plot line a little, but it’s a comedy so that’s not really hard to do. Four dudes go back in time for a night and must do everything they had done before to make sure they don’t mess with history. There’s a lot of funny jokes, lots of cursing, and just enough male nudity before its too much.

It has its moments and it was pretty enjoyable, but just remember: it’s called Hot Tub Time Machine.



How To Train Your Dragon on the other hand was just a great movie. I know you might think it’s a kids flick, but I really cant imagine anyone watching it and not enjoying it. Its funny, it has a nice little message, and the animation looks great. Good movie to watch with the family or on a date, you won’tbe disappointed.

It’ll look a lot better in digital/3d but it probably wont make that much of a difference so that’s up to you.




Noah Baumbach (directed The Squid and The Whale, co-wrote The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou) is more of an independent writer/director, though with his latest film, Greenberg, I noticed the trailer coming up in a lot of movies a few months ago (presumably because it stars Ben Stiller). Stiller’s character, Greenberg, house-sits for his brother in L.A. after suffering a nervous breakdown. He meets up with old friends, begins an odd relationship with his brother’s assistant, takes care of his brother’s sick dog, and does of a lot of living in the past.

It’s more of a drama, but I found a lot of humor in it. Stiller is usually a funny actor though I never thought too highly of him. I thought he did a really good job in this movie, really nailing his character. It’s a small movie and its not playing in a lot of places (I seem to say that a lot) but if you find the trailer interesting at all you should check it out. banner

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