Age Of Conan: Interview with Craig Morrison

You guys know I have a very special love for Age of Conan. The lore, graphics, and combat system are just a few of the things I enjoy about the game. It’s true that I no longer play because I have very little time and I don’t enjoy leveling by myself too much. I do however, try to keep up with all the news available.

Massively posted a very interesting interview that you should read if you are a freak fan like me.

Massively: AoC has changed a lot since release. If you could point to one aspect (improvement or addition) that merits a second look from folks that may have abandoned the game after launch, what would it be? Why? Craig Morrison: I honestly think it’s a bit hard to choose just one. A lot has changed, and a lot of new content has been added. So I think it is really the sum total of all of those things. Each individual player may have had different reasons for not liking the game back when it launched, so depending on their own personal outlook it might be different things that appeal to them now.

The performance has been improved considerably, the content gaps have been addressed, the item and statistic system has been completely revamped (no more pesky 0.02% upgrades, it’s all much easier to comprehend) and we have added complete new game systems. Things like the consequence system to PvP early on, through to recent additions like the Guild Renown system that offers a lot of incentive and rewards for guild game-play…and that’s before you consider the great new dungeons, raids and encounters that contain some really interesting gameplay elements. So I think it very much depends on what any given player didn’t like about the game in the first place

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