Age Of Conan Brings More PvP Options

I stopped playing Age Of Conan simply because I can’t find a group of people to enjoy the game. However, it is one of my favorites MMO ever. The graphics, combat and lore are simply amazing. The game suffered from one of the worst launches ever (it seems Funcom enjoys doing this kind of thing, remember Anarchy Online?) but it slowly found it’s way.

Some trolls already announced the death of AoC but after the new director took over everything, everything changed. The expansion is schedule for release and the Shrines of Bori are almost here. Check this out:

“So the Shrines of Bori are almost upon us! There will be blood spilled in the Border Kingdoms before you get to explore Khitai! This will bring with it the opening up of PVP levels 6-10 and new PVP rewards.”

Something is pulling me back…

Check out the full announcement here. If Age of Conan piques your interest, check out Lobah’s Adventures. This was a small project I was planning on doing but it was cut short due to unforeseen problems. Here’s your warning: The post might look a bit weird.

You might know this but in case you don’t, KO’s blog format was changed a few months back. This means that old posts have not been fix yet. Yes, it’s my fault I am a lazy bastard.  To compensate for my laziness, here are more images to get you readers in the mood. Also, my favorite video. I am aware that I have posted this video a few times already but I don’t care; I love this video. banner



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