The New Lich King

No King Rules Forever

It finally happened, the moment many players have waited for, the death of Arthas. The video is full of spoilers, so you have been warned. From a logical standpoint it makes sense to finally put an end to the Lich King in order to continue the game’s lore and progression. From an Arthas fanboi point of view, it truly sucks.

Like I said before, Arthas is an iconic Warcraft character. It is a complicated character that has suffered many transformations and we can feel (for those that care) love and hate, just from watching his persona. He has experienced every emotion known to man.

Arthas last dying breath and the conversation with his father is very touching. You can tell his father does not resent the actions of his son but is glad everything is over. The music is as good as the video.

Now, the expansion is getting near and I will go ahead and speculate what we can see in the future. Let’s start the list, because I know we all love lists:

  • Arthas will come back from the dead.
  • The new Lich King, Bolvar, will help both the Alliance and Horde defeating a new evil.
  • Bolvar will lose control and become the most powerful Lich King and will kill several key characters in the Warcraft world.

This could mean nothing but I wonder if this epic ending for our loved villain will affect the future “World of Warcraft” movie. Anyway here is the video: banner



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