Exclusive: The Secret Apple Tablet

Apple and rumors go hand by hand. A very long time ago it was rumored that the big A was working on a “Tablet” to compete with the Netbook market. The first designs were scrapped because it didn’t meet expectations.  Fast forward to the present and it seems the rumors could be true. These are some of the Apple Tablet features:

  • Virtual Keyboard.
  • An iphone inspired design.
  • A media outlet: Games, movies, music, TV and books.

According to more rumors, the iTablet (not its real name) will come out during the Summer of 2010. It might also play an integral part in the design of the new iPhone. If this is true, this tablet could change the whole “netbook” scene. I will admit I am a PC but that tablet looks sexy. Hopefully it will be in the same price range as other netbooks.  This is something to keep an eye on.

If you have not figure it out yet, the picture was not a “Kalibre Online Exclusive”. I confess I took it from a magazine. I know, I am shameless.

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