Play Rock Band With Real Drums

It can be done but is going to be expensive.  The Omega GM1 system will let you hook up a real drum set to Rockband or your favorite music game. Here’s a video of someone doing just that:

First, you need an actual set of drums. Omega sells the Pearl Rhythm Traveler 5-piece set directly from its webpage, and at $500 it will get you started in the wide world of drumming. Opening the box, we saw a mess of pipes and pieces and metal; putting together an actual set of drums is much more complicated than expected. The set includes both standard drum heads and mesh heads so you can play quietly in smaller spaces.

It took a little while to get everything put together, and then it was time to open the packaging for the GM-1 itself. Once again, setting this up is an intensive process. You have to attach the sensors to each of the drum heads, you need to wire everything together, and you need to make sure all the cables are managed. If you don’t have a drum set already put together, be sure to set aside an entire afternoon to get things working well and looking good

But does it work?

The sensors themselves responded well when attached to the drums, but holding one in your hand makes them seem a little fragile. Many parts of the kit had a hobbyist feel to them, and in some ways the product seems more like a proof-of-concept than a commercial product.

Here’s the kicker, though: the product requires you to have an existing Rock Band or Guitar Hero controller to connect to the GM-1 system via a MIDI cable, and then you connect the game controller to the console. That means you need to have the G-1, an actual drum set, a fake drum set, and the game and console to get this whole thing up and running. That’s quite the investment, and it takes a lot of space to get everything working properly.

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