Aion: Visions Of The Future

I never really enjoyed Aion as much as my friends.  The time I spent playing the game was enjoyable (I liked the fighting system and cinematic cut scenes) but heavily disliked the grinding.  NCSoft released a new video called “Visions of the Future” and I will admit it left me speechless.  Aion is a beautiful game, but now it looks unbelievable.  Will this future be in the form of free content or a future expansion?

Some of the new features are:

  • Major Graphics Overhaul: DX10 included
  • Player Housing
  • Combat Revamp: The game will play out more like an action game (think Blade & Soul)
  • Swimming
  • Weather System Revamp
  • Under Water Environments: Players will be able to explore new under water cities, dungeons, and quest hubs
  • User Generated Content Expanded: Players will be able to post writs on boards through out the world.
  • Quest System revamp:  Many, many, many more quests and story-line quests are being added
  • New Classes (Supposedly, according to the Korean forums)
  • 2 new weapon types: Whip & Crossbow
  • New Skills for every class
  • New Zones
  • New Monster and NPC AI Revamp
  • Mounts
  • Revamped Sieges banner

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