Guild Wars 2: PvP To Incorporate RTS Elements

The first Guild Wars could not be called a “true MMO” due to it’s single player capacities and lack of real open world but it was a fun online game nonetheless.  The sequel is rapidly gaining hype and the folks at GuildWars2Guru have translated an interview from a foreign magazine.  For starters, Guild Wars 2 will play 250 years after the last GW and a new evil has risen called the Elder Dragons.

There will be four playable races: The Charr, Norn, Asura and the Sylvari.  The game will feature the “henchmen” system from the previous GW but with increased functionality and a persistent world; in this case Guild Wars 2 will be a true MMORPG. Now what I think is the most interesting part of the interview:

“Player versus player

PvP is a big part of Guild Wars, and that’s why Guild Wars 2 will have the same PvP system Guild Wars 1 had. Which means; all PvP-participants will have access to the same skills and gear, which ensures survival is indeed of the fittest (and most strategic), not the one that has spent the most time online. Seeing as this primarily attracts hardcore PvP-players, have the developers implemented a World PvP system (Read: Server Vs. Server) as well, for the more casual PvP’er. This system is for those that want to fight with their gear and skills they found in the game, and you charge into a limitless battle (literally limitless; party size in World PvP has no limit). (IT-4)The World PvP Maps bear a resemblance to RTS-maps and give you a chance to play different roles. You can conquer stone mines, which will then deliver stone by caravan to your catapults, you can attack and cut off caravans of the enemy, you can operate as a scout and inform the rest of hostile movement, you can man watchtowers and defend, or you can just run up to a lost PvP’er and teach him a lesson. All these actions will earn you experience.”

I am excited and very scared about the “RTS elements” on GW2.  Done correctly this could finally create a meaningful World PvP that many players (including myself) have asked. Another word that comes to my mind is LAG; MASSIVE Age of Conan sieges on release LAG.  Let’s hope that ArenaNet finally decoded that mysterious World PvP recipe.

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