TibiaME: The First MMORPG For Moblie Phones

MMO gaming is about to break a new frontier: MMO on the go.  TibiaME is the first Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game for mobile phones.  The game is free play with certain limitations that can be lifted by buying a premium membership.  Those interested in the premium experience will receive benefits like:
  • More EXP after level 10.
  • Access to all Islands.
  • Reduced experience loss at death

TibiaME is the little sister of Tibia, another F2P (Free to Play) MMO offered by CipSoft.  You can download the game in two flavors: Free and Gold.  The free client is fully functional but is missing some small features.  The Gold version offers an automatically drawn map, a list of players online and a live Top 100 player list.

It may seem impossible but the game will have a PvP and Arena System to please the bloodthirsty gamer inside some of us.  Can you imagine your phone ringing in the middle of an arena match?  As of right now the graphics are very old school, NES old school, and will definitely appeal to a niche audience.  It is a matter of time before an IMMO appears but TibiaME deserves props for what is trying to do.

For those interested in the game, please give it a try and share your opinions.

All Images were taken directly from the TibiaME website


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