Deep Feral 7: The Six Million Dollar Cat

Druid PvP movies are rare, and good educational druid movies are very hard to find.  Deep released his newest movie in WCM called The Six Millon Dollar Cat.  The movie will not impress viewers that prefer videos with fancy editing like the Gforce Series but the intro is clever and funny.  Deep shows world pvp, bgs and arena clips.  During the arena clips, Deep provides commentary on the plays and information about different setups.  Expect 2vN fights with no so great opponents and certain mistakes made by Deep himself.


While his UI seems cluttered, I personally like it, the information is right there for everyone to see, another personal favorite of mine is SpartanUI.


On his movie summary Deep clarifies the following:

“I am mangle specced. I don’t use shred because I’m not specced into it.  Mangle provides more CP generation without the hassle of shred requirements which means more finishing movies which means more instant casts.  Mangle spec is something I specifically wanted to try for this patch and is working out pretty well so far. ”



Overall, a good movie for those new feral druids struggling in arena and a good chance to see the overpowered instant cast of cyclones and healing touches that might see a nerf in the future. banner

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  1. My question on this issue is Will there be an AIR clniet for iOS devices ? Upon that, why shouldn’t Mobile AIR have the ability to open (in my best Harry Potter parlance) Swf and FLC files ? I would think that would leave a clearer path. Wouldn’t it ?I haven’t seen an AIR clniet for iOS, but does that mean there isn’t any, or such a thing forthcoming.

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