Global Agenda Beta Keys

The good folks at Massively are giving away 10 Global Agenda keys to play this weekend and only those that can act fast will get it.

“Another day, another set of beta keys for some lucky Massively readers. The guys at Hi-Rez Studios have 10 more beta keys that they want to give you guys so you can get in and play some Global Agenda.”

Good luck to those interested in the keys and remember that Global Agenda might be the next PlanetSide.  MMORPG is offering several keys as well; share the love and if you find another site offering contests or just free beta codes for Global Agenda, post a comment with the information.  

Personally I have my eyes set on Dust because of the innovation (if CCP delivers) it will bring to future MMOs.  


No more Elves Trailer 


Global Agenda Gameplay Trailer




Global Agenda Images



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