BGs available at level 1: a feature that should be added in WoW like rated Battlegrounds

The basic idea of questing and leveling is always the same:  You get a quest and in return for completing it you are rewarded with XP towards your next level.  The process involves several thousand clicks and long hours.  The story is the substance that (for those that like to RP) makes the game a living book.  Personally I don’t have anything against PvE, it is needed to drive the game forward and I enjoy it, but sometimes the mood is not right, we need something else; therefore we have PvP.

There are a few games that provided choices in what to level: Everquest, Everquest 2, and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes just to name a few.  All the options (from a pve point of view) gave the player a choice on how to level the avatar.   The PvP perspective is not as pretty, games have tried other aspects and failed (Fury anyone? ); the common denominator these days is called Instanced PvP ( or better known as BGs).

This is where I think Warhammer Online had it right; you had the choice of joining a BG, play with other people and have your PvP fix. Players would get XP along with loot that dropped from other players.  While this system is as flawed as the PvE leveling mechanic (same long hours, pure repetition), it provides a very important element:  Options.

To make my rambling shorter, Blizzard needs to add this featured along with the Rated BGs.  They should create new BGS to match the level 1 experience ( I don’t care if the objective is the same as WSG and AB, just a different MAP).  The mechanic of giving XP was added with 3.2 and I enjoyed for a while, but it is not the same.

Warhammer Online

Warhammer Online

Oh crap! I won’t stop my rambling after all….  Two days ago I played Warhammer with 5 of my friends (we took advantage of the 10 free days back to War), we did nothing but BGs and had a blast.  Chatting, drinking and just being loud in ventrilo  and before we knew it we were ready for the next tier of pvp (level 12).  We bought our Renown Items (the PvP rank) and moved to the next area to continue our massacre.  The next day we did public and normal quests and then some PvP.

I know we can do BGs very early, but I want to be able to play BGs at level 1, yes it is copying ideas from another  games but WoW was built from that.  Well… that’s my incoherent blog for today. banner

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