Cross server instances,Wargen animation video, Megan Fox wants to tell you something, Grats TSG!

Blizzard has announced a new feature and it will be ready for patch 3.3.0: Cross Server instances. Players from the same battlegroup will be able to play together in low and high level instances.   The leaders attempting such a feat will be rewarded for their migraines.. err efforts. Ninjas looters rejoice!  You can pull that crap on people from other servers. Wargen animation video: released the presentation in their website and it looks cool.  I can see how many players will roll Worgens for the cool effect. How will the animation affect combat? The new druid skins are cool, but I would love to have something similar… at least for flight form. The changes are good but I would love at least 2 new classes or a hero system ( please Blizz!) With so much changing going on in the old world, what is going to happen to the old quests? I will probably succumb to my geekness and get the expansion when it comes out. Message from Megan Fox (meh ..)

Gratz to TSG on winning the Blizzcon Tournament! Zilea did a great job on those razor edge fights.  He deserves it, and the trolling on WoWriot should stop! ;p
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