Champions Online beta

Yesterday started like normal: get up, eat, get to work, comeback from work, kiss the wife. Later in the day I decided to go upstairs and check the “preloaded” install of Champions Online.  What a mistake!  The patcher wanted to dl a 3 gigs file to “patch” the game.  Ok,  it’s cool!

“It should be done around in an hour or two” – I thought.

Wrong again, a snail was faster than the speed of my patcher.  Searching a bit online I managed to cut the patch file to 900mb but now the patcher would “freeze”.   It was so slow that my Fallen Earth beta file (around 5gb) downloaded faster than a mere 900mb.  I played FE for a while but I was in the superhero mood.  Whatever… I went to bed and decided to try tomorrow (today).

I get up early to do some stuff in the house and take my wife to the doctor. Few hours come and go and I checked the damn patcher. Nope no luck, still as slow as before.  Checked CO site and Fileplanet updated the preload version to the full game and it was ready for DL.  After re-downloading the file everything went fine.  I was able to log on to CO.

………….. Yea you wish; a strange error overheated my video card to the point of making it useless.  Restarted the demonic machine twice and it finally worked.   Once inside I was greeted with hero goodness, the graphic looked good and the “superhero” vibe was there.  The creator feels like CoH (some people have dubbed the game CoH 2) and the variations are limitless.

Champions online

Everything we know is here, the quests, the grinds, instances, just like your normal MMO.  The traveling powers look and feel fun, but I don’t know much about the game. I will be logging in half hour to check out the next area after the tutorial in Champions Online.

Here is a video about thetraveling powers:

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