Will the release of Aion hurt WoW?

Everytime there is a new game on the horizon, the question pops inside our minds: Will “x” game hurt or defeat WoW? NCSoft has declared that it will be second to WoW, a very funny statement since they implied the same for Tabula Rasa (RiP).

Having the chance to play the beta I don’t know what to say. The game looks very clean and nice. The creation screen allows for some cool options; RPers will enjoy playing kid models and let their imaginations run wild. NPCs, Mobs, and environments are just beautiful.
The animations and sounds are impressive, while the combat sounds can get annoying, it gives a “working out” feeling while killing. Combat animations are fluid, artistic (I can’t get over the caster’s animations), and detailed. Anime fans will love it.

Now for what I think is the negative side of the game. Aion feels like Lineage 2 on steroids (lots of improvements). Questing is basically the same thing as other games, with the added option of locating the items you need. When locating the item is not an option, reading comprehension is still your best friend. Do you like instances? Be ready to ask your friends in what “channel” they are playing if you want to be together. You can also escape heavy “player created markets” area by changing channels.
Latency, better known as lag makes a stealthy appearance. None of my friends experienced latency, yet I had unexplained large amounts of it. It appears devices can cause the problem, some G15 users found the solution by uninstalling their software. Me ? I will try disabling my N52TE pad and give it a shot. GameGuard proved to be another problem; I had to hard reset my computer 3 times because gameguard gave me a korean error and made my PC worthless. How did I fix it? I disabled my antivirus software and it magically worked.

Will the release of Aion hurt WoW?

Probably during the release of Aion the amount of WoW subscribers will decrease, just like it did for WAR and AoC, is just common sense. For those bored of WoW, NCsoft new game will provide a break but I am sure evil Blizzard will pull you back with one of their marketing schemes. Hopefully none of the problems I had will be in the release version.
Will I play Aion? Yes. MMO games are more enjoyable when you have RL friends playing and that’s my case. Will I stay ? I don’t know but I am drooling over The Old Republic.


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