Old BGs Vs New BGs, Is re-using content a bad sign?

Old BGs vs New BGs: Is pvp aerial combat next in WoW?

During the last couple of  days I took my druid for a walk in Wintergrasp, Strand of the Ancients and the new BG called Isle of Conquest. While the novelty feeling of the new bg was cool, I started to meditate about this kind of PVP. It reminded me of something… but I could not put the finger in it.  I ignored my thoughts for a few hours and head out of the house.

After eating I decided to log on to Xbox Live and play some games…. and there it was.  I finally remembered the feeling… WoW had become some kind of Medieval Battlefield.   While I do appreciate the efforts adding the sieging to WoW, in my opinion other games have done a better job.

Granted, there is an element of strategy involved in this kind of pvp, but having someone yell at me:  “Forget about rooting that guy and get your ass on the vehicle”, is not really my idea of WoW combat.  I think very soon we will see the introduction of player vs player aerial combat ….. who knows maybe in the new expansion? Min/Max your “toon” so it doesn’t matter … just click the 2 keys and wait it out…    /sigh

While not ideal, having different maps of AB and WSG for the different levels would help alleviate the visual fatigue of the same BG.  What about adding a different mechanics to our beloved BGs? What about increasing the Honor Cap and give more honor by completing other objectives (like AV)?  I am sure the whole WoW community have better ideas Blizzard, just do a poll or something.

We are revamping old zones for level 80s  – Blizzard

This will definitely appeal to sentimental players, what does it really mean? Is the expansion heading the same way? Maybe there will be old zones and armor with different colors …. ehhh.. sorry we have that already.   Again, I understand to some degree revamping old content, that way raiders have more things to do.  Many players will be happy and excited, but sacrificing new content just for that is  lazy and greedy.

Here is a thing of things I would love to see:



  • New classes: 2 more would be fine.
  • Hero Class System: Kinda like the talent tree, maybe another tree to be able to change our class into something more ……. heroic ?
  • Guild sieges: This type of siege would be amazing
  • New BGs: At least 1 new non-siege BG.
  • 1v1 Arena: I know it sounds silly but it could be fun
  • Races: 1 for each faction
  • Player Housing: RPers would love it!

I will stop my rant there , my list would be long and silly but you know… people can dream. Sometimes I get the idea that all the creative team at Blizzard is just working on the new MMO and that’s why they are falling short right now.  To end things with a positive view, I dig the new druid forms, maybe they can do the same for Shamans?


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