RIP Matrix Online

It finally happened, another death in the MMO world: Matrix Online

I remembered watching the first Matrix movie and thinking what a cool online game that would make.  The game had the perfect setting and combat system, I would have complete control on skills and choices of my character.  When I found out about the Matrix Online my mind was filled with excitement.  This was my game, I finally found it.

Then I played the game and learned that I should never trust or give in to high expectations.  Everything I thought would be amazing, became repetitive and boring.  The “Matrix Online” I carefully designed inside my head was nowhere to be found.

Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy some parts of the actual game.  The episodic events were really good, and I couldn’t believe how Morpheus died.  The melee combat always looked entertaining and there were times where the city looked alive.

Here are some MxO videos:

R.I.P.  Matrix Online

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