Re-inventing Combat dynamics, Pussycat Dolls VS Brown Eyed Girls

Some games have tried to change it and there are only 2 games that have made a lasting impression on me:  Asheron’s Call and Age of Conan.

In my opinion (emphasis on my opinion) the combat was exciting, you could feel the heart pumping when dodging a spell and jumping over a hut to run away from your attacker (Asheron’s Call) or the euphoria when you decapitated the ganker that was about to kill you just because you were able to move all defensive shields in the right position at the right time (Age of Conan).

Is a shame not many developers are willing to risk changing combat dynamics.  There are a couple of games that have done it (Atlantica Online, Darkfall, Mortal Online just to name a few) but is just not enough.   I want real Virtual Environments, bring in the geeky helmet and gloves. I want to play an MMO just like .hack; heck what about bringing wii like controls to MMOS? That should be interesting.

To add more incoherent rambling pick your choice:


(edit: The link I wanted to show had the embeeded option disabled. Please visit the original video here :Pussycat dolls: When I grow up)

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