Gforce 4: Fortitude Video, does the Hokage approve?

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Fans of the warrior rejoice, Gforce 4: Fortitude is finally out. You will find duels, some world pvp and Gforce’s amazing editing skills.
Personally I am a big fan of his movies, (I always wanted to roll a warrior but I was to lazy to do it), and there is something magical in the editing of his movies. This time around it feels as an old kung fu movie. I was excited to see an undead performing kung-fu to Jay Chou’s Fearless.

Jay Chou Fearless

The highlight of the video is probably the duels against Gameking, world famous mage. The duels show both perspectives for better understanding of the players and for the enjoyment of the viewers.
The video also includes a warrior/rogue 2v2 clip which I am sure the Hokage (the wow rogue hero known as Ming) will approve.

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